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The Fiction

Nestling beside the Osafjord in Western Norway is the quiet resort town of Ulvik . In reality, Ulvik never had a railway but in Martin Axford's imagination it has a busy branch terminus and single track railway line connecting it to the famous Bergen-Oslo railway at Voss .

Track plan

The Facts

The layout is conventional in construction, reusing frames and legs from a previous layout with MDF tops and lots of stained plywood to give it a Scandinavian feel. Peco track and Seep point motors are used throughout. The confined track layout may produce some interesting language during shunting - not necessarily Norwegian of course!

The buildings are wooden kits by Euromodd and Fides, and the ship is a Lindbergh model. Rolling stock is a mixture of items by Lima, Roco, Kleinbahn, etc., many of which were purchased during visits to Norway.

The locomotives in use include the classic older NSB EI 13 & 14 types by Lima, Di3 diesels by Heljan, and a very fine Roco Di5 diesel shunter. These run under an overhead wire system assembled using cut down barbeque sticks and Sommerfeldt catenary parts.

Over the years the layout has appeared at a number of exhibitions and was featured in the Continental Modeller of February 2003.

Enjoy your visit to this Norwegian backwater. Tusen Takk ('Many Thanks')!

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