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Originally I couldn't find any decent pictures of Ashton Depot, then whilst retrieving some gear from my mother's garage I came across these. Ashton is a fairly simple MPD constructed mainly as a set to show off it's locomotive fleet. It was another acquisition on the part of the group. In fact it was acquired, very, shortly before an annual show in which it was slated for display. Unfortunately the asphalt area had been modelled using polyfilla resulting in my spending several frantic evenings prior to the show freeing up the pointwork, as well as fixing a few wiring faults.

The layout was passed on to a junior member of the club who had put a lot of effort into revamping the layout. After an absence of many years the lad, now somewhat grown up, turned up at the clubroom one night and has rejoined the group. Subsequently Ashton has once more changed hands and is currently undergoing yet more work in the hands of a different club member.

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