Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May 2007

Below are such URL and E-mail details as I have available for the layouts and traders that attended this show.


Aberdeen (N)
Neil Lancaster
USA - North Carolina - 1960s
Knotts Landing (HO)
Reg Owens
USA - Eastern Seaboard - 1950s & 1960s
Alkham (EM)
Ian Hollis
UK - BR in Kent - 1950s
Llanfairish & Aber (OO9)
Andy Cundick
UK - Mid Wales Narrow Gauge - 1940s & 1950s
Ashbourne Midland (EM)
Linton MRC
UK - BR in the Midlands - 1960s
Loosely Warren (Z)
Brian & Ann Silby
UK - South Devon - 1980s
Cardhu (N)
Brian & Ann Silby
UK - BR in Tayside, Scotland - 1990s
Lothersdale (N)
David Smith
UK - BR in Yorkshire - late 1950s
Deliverence Creek (N)
USA - Rockies - 1950s to present day
Lytton CPR (N)
Alastair Knox
Canada - British Columbia - present day
Exeview (OO)
David Winter
UK - BR in South Devon - 1950s & 1960s
Mill Falls (HO)
Mike Carter
USA - New England - 1950s
Fallgate - Ashover Light Railway (OO9)
Brian Love
UK - Light Railway in Derbyshire - 1930s
Millanford (OO)
Andrew McMillan
UK - BR in Oxfordshire - 1950s
Fort Myers (HO)
Ian Lampkin
USA - Florida - mid 1990s
Paradise Mining Co (1:25)
Christopher Payne
USA - South West - 1930
Franbourne (O)
Brian Thomas
UK - BR in Sussex - 1959
Pengwynn Crossing (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - Cornish China Clay - 1950s to 60s
Gilbert Junction (HO)
Chris Hopper
USA - New England - 1950s
Pensbridge (OO)
George Woodcock
UK - BR in the West Midlands - present day
Gladstone Road (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - Northern Suburban Commuter Station - 1990s
Roarkes Landing (HO)
George Woolnough
USA - North West - 1950s
Hamport (7mm)
Denis Tillman
UK - LSWR in Hampshire - late 1800s to early 1900s
Saint Aidans (N)
Graham Smith
UK - BR in the Midlands - late 1950s and early 1960s
Hollies End (O16.5)
Brian Stubbles
UK - Welsh Borders Narrow Gauge - 1950s
San Andreas Beach (O)
Garth Ponsonby
USA - California - 1960s
Horse Cove (N)
Syston MRS
UK - BR in South Devon - early 1960s
Selah Fruit Row (HO)
Andy Gautrey
USA - Washington State - 1980s
Jubilee Sidings (EM)
Dave Tailby
UK- Midlands Industrial - early 1980s
Shapwick Moor (O16.5)
Paul & Den Davis
UK - Somerset Levels Industrial - 1940s & 1950s
Kelbrooke (O)
Colin Heard
UK - Midland Railway - 1914
Upper Hill (OO)
North Gwent RM
UK - GWR in Worcestershire - 1920s
Kingsway Subway (OO)
John Howe
UK - London Trams - 1951

Alan Ward Collection Joe Lock Model Railways Richard's Railways
All Components Keen Systems Richard's Spares
Amberly Services Kernow Model Rail Centre Robbie's Rolling Stock
Andy Lynch M & B Models SiSt Trees
B & R Railways Mac's Model Railroading Steam Powered Video
C & G Model Railways Mailrail The Turntable
Ceepeear Models Marc Models Tony Pollastrone
D & P Models Modelmania Train Crazy & Videoscene
DC Kits OO Gauge Resprays Trainlines of Derby
East Somerset Models P&H Models Western Models (Studley)
Finishing Touches R D Whyborn  
Geoff Gamble Books Rail Room Electronics  

2mm Scale Association EM Gauge Society Mike Brown
DCC demonstration
3mm Society Gauge O Guild Railway Correspondence & Travel Society
Alan Doddington
Whitemetal kit building demonstration
German Railway Society The Pullman Society
Avon Valley Railway Great Western Study Group Tom Rayer
Weathering demonstration
Diesel & Electric Modellers United (DEMU) John Dopson
Painting and lining demonstration

Below are such URL and E-mail details as I have available for the layouts and traders that attended this show.


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