The group is actively involved in the running of the following model railway shows held in Wiltshire (on the edge of the West Country for those of you not familiar with the geography of the United Kingdom):

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Exhibits past and future:

As I'd compiled these in order to maintain the web pages I thought I'd just publish the lists of layouts, traders, societies, and others that have, or hopefully will, put in an appearance at one or more of our shows over the years (although there are a few who have had to withdraw and I've not bothered to weed out of the list). I'd better point out that some of the links might not work as not all layouts have their own web pages, in fact some of the layouts might even no longer exist!

23 Kitchener Close ()
Dick Foster
Leaford (OO)
Kevin Broadhurst
UK - BR Hampshire - 1987-95
59th and Rust (HO)
Ray O'Neill
USA - New York - 1955-73
Leavesden (O)
Peter Clark
UK - Network SouthEast in Kent - 1985-95
Abbey Road (OO)
John Polley
Lee-on-the-Solent (P4)
S4 Society
Abbotswood Junc (OO)
Phil & James Bullock
UK - BR South West Midlands - 1968-72
Letherbridge (N)
Adrian Brimble
Fictional modern image station near Birmingham
Aberdaugleddaw (OO)
John Anderson
Leysdown (P4)
Uckfield MRC
UK - SR Kent - Mid 1930s
Aberdeen (N)
Neil Lancaster
Lienz (HOe)
Tim Tincknell
Aberdeen Kirkhill T&RSMD (OO)
Glenn Daniel & Graham Harris
UK - BR Scotland - 1988
Lilikon (HO)
Roger Ellis
Abigrace Halt (T)
John Langley
Lincoln (Z)
Dave Dawes
Acacia Avenue (OO)
Richard Slate
Lindon Road (OO)
John Long
UK - BR(SR) in Kent - 1950-64
Ackthorpe (OO)
Southampton MRS
UK - BR in South Yorkshire - 1950s
Lindtzal (N)
Brian & Ann Silby
Germany - German Federal Railway - Present Day
Acton Parkway (OO)
Halifax MRC
UK - North West England - Present Day
Little Ashton (N)
Dave Smith
An EWS depot somewhere in England
Addiston South (EM)
Paul Egleton
UK - BR (SR) - 1968-74
Littleton (O)

Coastal Southern Region terminus, electrics, diesel and steam
Aldeburgh (Z)
Brian Yallop
Littlewood (N)
Richard Deas
Algarve (N)
John Cannons
Portugal - South Coast - Present Day
Llanfairish & Aber (OO9)
Andy Cundick
Alkham (EM)
Ian Hollis
Llanmarth (OO)
Kevin Gallagher
Alloa Goods (EM)
Jeff Taylor
Llanthony Road (EM)
Richard Grosvenor
UK - BR Gloucester Docks - Mid 1980s
Anderstaff Yd (EM)
Brendan Walsh
Llywydd Town (OO)
Richard Webb
UK - BR North Wales - Early 1990s
Ansell Ferry Yard (HO)
Phil Freegard
Modern era Chicago Great Western in the Chicago suburbs
Loch Tat (N)
Adrian Lambourne
UK - West Highland Line - 1980s
Antwerpen Oostkaai (HO)
Bill Roberts
Belgium - Antwerp - 1990s
Lochside (7mm)
Ian Futers
Arrowmouth (OO)
Redditch MRC
Longmoor (N)
Ray Oliver
UK - British; military railway; 1950 -1969
Ashbourne Midland (EM)
Linton MRC
Loosely Warren (Z)
Brian & Ann Silby
Ashbrook (3mm)
John Thomas
UK - BR in the Cotswolds - 1950s
Lothersdale (N)
David Smith
Ashburton (N)
John Birkett-Smith
UK - GWR Devon - 1920s
Lulworth Camp (OO)
Mike Walshaw
Ashcross Industrial Museum (O16.5)
Robin Edwards
Lydgate (OO)
Dave Spencer
UK - BR(WR) Forest of Dean - 1950s-1960s
Ashton Depot (OO)
Neal Mansell
Lytton CPR (N)
Alastair Knox
Augustburg (HO)
Eric Day
M Shed (EM)
John England
Aveton Gifford (7mm)
John Shaw
Maiden Lane (EM)
Iain Hunter
Blue Era mainline out of The Cross, HSTs and loco hauled
Avon (N)
Keith Redding
Maindee East (P4)
Steffan Lewis
UK - BR(WR) in South Wales - 1960s
Avonford (N)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR West Country - 1960s
Malix (HOm)
Mervyn Kendall
Ayling Island (OO)
Kelvin Barnes
Mallingford Central (N)
Frome Valley Modellers
UK - BR Birmingham area - 1980s
Back Water (O)
Bob Alderman
Manchester Colleries (N)
Ron Pybus
UK - BR in Lancashire - Late 1960s to Mid 1970s
Bad Feriendorf (Z)
Brian & Ann Silby
Mandlebury Central (N)
Bentley MRG
Bad Schpellin (N)
West Wilts MRC
Manston Airport (OO)
Andy Hopper
BR(SR) East Kent - 1950s
Bagborough West (3mm)
Nick Salzman
Margate Road (OO)
John Cruse
Bambleford (OO)
Steve Spreadborough
Margra (N)
Burnham & District MRC
Banbury (N)
Ian Lampkin
UK - Network Rail in Oxfordshire - 2011
Marklin Dealers' Layout (Z)
Roger Baker
Barental (HOm)
Ray Williams
Marsh Chipping (N)
David Westwood
UK - BR (WR) in the Cotswolds - Early 1960s
Barking Mad (N)
Dave Lear
Marsh Damp (O)
Dick Foster
Barnham Junction (OO)
Bognor Regis MRC
Maryville (HO)
Pontypridd MRC
USA - BNSF/SP/UP in California - Present Day
Barton Hill (N)
Stan Potter
Matford (P4)
John Farmer
UK - Exeter Area - 2005
Bash Street Nether Thorpe (OO)
David Ford
UK - BR East Midlands - 1959
Matworth (N)
Bentley MRG
Basingstoke (N)
Farnham MRC
UK - BR(SR) - 1965
Megalo Horio (HO)
Baz Ward
Batty Moor (N)
Twickenham & District MRC
UK - Settle & Carlisle - 1945-65
Melbridge Dock (OO)
Phil Parker
Bear Creek Junction (HO/HOn3)
Adrian Hall
USA - Colorado - Early 20th Century
Melksham (OO)
The Gas Cupboard
UK - BR Wiltshire - 1950s
Beaver Creek USA ()
Eric Day & Mike Rathbone
Melton Mowbray North (N)
John Spence & Steve Weston
UK - BR (LMR) in Leicestershire - 1948-62
Bedlam Heath (OO)
George Woodcock
UK - BR Kent - 1980
Menasha WI (HO)
Wakefield RMS
USA - Wisconsin Central - 2000
Belisha Sidings (OO)
Elliott Punshon
Meon Valley (OO)
Fareham MRC
Belmont Road (OO)
Jack Richards
Meredale (O16.5)
Maurie Graves
Bembridge (OO)
Mark Pretious
UK - SR/BR on the Isle of Wight - 1930-53
Midland Sidings (P4)
Westinghouse MRC
UK - Midland Railway - 1920
Benter Railway (OO9)
John Perrett
UK - Mendip Collieries - 1914-30
Mill Falls (HO)
Mike Carter
Bergeller Bahn (HOm)
John Laister
Millanford (OO)
Andrew McMillan
Berlin Revisited (N)
John Porter
Millfields (N)
Pauline McKenna
UK - BR Midlands - 1970-present
Bethany Wells Railroad (N)
Pete Laxton & Steve Wright
Millwall Goods (O)
Peter Thompson
Bibrook (OO)
Dave Burnett
Minehead Port & Pier (On16.5)
P & D Davis
Binns Road (OO)
Bentley MRG
Minho Douro (HOn)
John Cannons
Portugal - Algarve - Present Day
Bishop Street Yard (OO)
John Long
UK - BR London & LT - 1950s & 1960s
Minster Bottom (N)
Dave & Rene Lear
UK - Somewhere in England - Present Day
Bishop Wearburn (N)
John Spence
UK - BR East Coast Main Line - 1950s & 1960s
Minty Colorado (N)
Brighton MRC
USA - Denver & Rio Grande - 1985-95
Bishopsmead (OO)
Ted Olney
Moorcock Junction (N)
Bob Harris
UK - Settle & Carlisle - 1957-62
Black Bull Brewery (O)
Matt Wildsmith
Moorside (O)
Andrew Jones
UK - GWR West Country - 1940s
Black Country Blues (EM)
Staffordshire Finescale
UK - Ex-LNWR in the West Midlands - 1975
Moose Lake Canyon (N)
Steve Fennell et al
USA - Montana Rail-Link & BNSF - Present Day
Black Dog Halt (OO)
Chris Leigh
UK - BR Wiltshire - 1950s
Morfa Mawr (EM)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR(WR) Wales - 1970
Black Rock (1)
Dennis & Christopher Lepper
Mortimore's Yard (OO)
Adrian Full
Blackheath - New England (HO)
David Broomfield
Morwenstow Riverside (OO)
Redruth MRC
Blandford St Mary (O)
High Wycombe MRS
Mossbank Yard (OO)
New Forest MRS
Bleadon (7mm)
Mervyn Kendall
UK - Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway - 1930s
Mostyn (P4)
Barrrowmore MRG
Bleakhouse Road (OO)
Tim Maddocks
UK - BR Mendips - 1950s
Much Murkle (OO)
Nick Wood
UK - GWR Herefordshire - 1930s
Bodmin (OO)
Forest of Dean MRC
Murnau (N)
Kevin Player
Bodmin (N)
Ray Slack & Ian Hibbert
UK- GWR in Cornwall - 1930s
Murphy's Yard (N)
Graham Toovey
Bodmore Vale (N)
Dave Lear
Museum of Transport (Mixed)
Robin Brogden
Borchester Market (OO)
Newhaven MRC
UK - BR(ER) - 1958-62
Nettlebridge Valley Railway (P4)
Neil Kinison
UK - Mineral Railway in Somerset - 1910
Bottle Kiln Lane (OO9)
John Thorne
UK - Somewhere in England - 1930s
Nettlecombe (OO9)
John & Jane Jacobs
UK - South West England - 1930s
Boxford (OO)
Ben Smith
Layout in a Box
Neunbruckenbahn (N)
Iris & David Guscott
Germany - DB Bavaria - 1990s-2000s
Bradbury Junction (OO)
John Cruse
New Mexico Railroad Museum (HO/HOn3)
Peter Everitt
USA - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Present Day
Brianswood (On30)
Brian Bale
New Sarum (HO)
John Bruce
Bridgford (N)
Alastair Knox
UK - LMS - Late 1930s
New Sodbury (OO)
Thornbury & South Glos MRC
Bridport Town (O16.5)
David Taylor
UK - Narrow gauge in Dorset - 1919-39
Newburn (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
Brink Valley Tramway (O9)
Christopher Payne
UK - Rural Steam Tramway - c1930
Newham Goods (P4)
Brian Wilkinson
UK - Truro in Cornwall
Brinkley (P4)

Early BR in Oxfordshire featuring all the Big Four
Newton Bovey (N)
Paul Clasing
A small terminus in rural Devon
Broadford (EM)
Iain Hunter
Australia - Victoria - Mid 1990s
Nictun Borrud (OO)
Fareham & District MRC
Brockholes (OO)
Paul Gregory
North Downs Light Railway (OO9)
Andrew Walters
Brockhurst Road (N)
John Wilkins
North Haston (HO)
Chris Gilbert
USA - New England - Present Day
Brookford (O/O14)
Paul Lindsay-Scott
UK - SR Hants/Sussex Border - 1930s
North Holderness (EM)
South Lakeland RM
UK - BR in East Yorkshire - 1950s
Bryn-y-Felin (OO9)
Matthew Kean
North of England Line (N)
Scarborough & Dist RM
UK - North of England - 1930-60
Burnbridge (OO)
Burnham MRC
UK - BR(WR) South West England - 1960s
North West Valley Lines (N)
John Parkinson
Burnham-on-Sea (2mm)
John Perrett
UK - S&DJR in Somerset - 1920s-1930s
Norton Vale (OO)
Nailsea MRC
Burntwood Lane (EM)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR(SR) South London - 1970s
Nutscale (On30/O16.5)
Paul & Den Davis
Byhook (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
UK - BR(WR) Cornwall - 1970s
Oakingham SR (O)
Peter Messent
Calderwood (OO)
David Kirby & John Dilnot
UK - Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in Yorkshire - 1910
Oakland 3rd Street Yard (1)
Martyn Wild
USA - California Southern Pacific - 1960s
California Coast (Z)
Dave Dawes
Obuom Nkwanta (N)
Jonathan Wilkins
Calne (EM)
Chris Hewitt
UK - BR Wiltshire - 1950s
Oddsan End (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
Calstock (Cotehele) (O16.5)
Chris Peacock
UK - East Cornwall Mineral Railway - 1890
Oldham King Street Parcels (O)
David Hampson
UK - BR in North Manchester - Early to Mid 1970s
Camlas (OO)
Chris Thomas
UK – GWR West Wales – 1930-40
Oldshaw (EM)
Andrew Bartlett
UK - BR (WR) - late 1970s-early 1980s
Canada Road (EM)
Peter Johnson
UK - BR - 1960-79
Orchard Road TMD (OO)
Richard Slate
UK - BR(SR) - 1975-85
Canalside (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
Orestone Quay (OO)
Burgess Hill MRC
UK - South Coast - 1935-47
Cardhu (N)
Brian & Ann Silby
Oro Grande (Sn3)
William Loyd
USA - Oro Grande Railroad - Present Day
Carol Ann Georgia (HO)
Shepton & District MRS
USA - Georgian Western Railroad - 1960s
Othmar Yard (HO)
Tim Tincknell
USA – North American Short Line , 1990, DCC + Sound
Carsmores Scrapyard (EM)
Marc Smith
UK - BR in South Wales - 1960s-1970s
Otterbridge (EM)
Peter Bailey
Cartsdyke Yard (O)
John Purdie
UK - LNER - 1930s
Ottösschwande (N)
David & Iris Guscott
Germany - Ficticious preserved Slate Quarry
Castle Corfe (OO)
Shepton & District MRS
UK - SR Isle of Purbeck - 1950s
Outwell Village Depot (OO)
Neil Rushby
Castle Stego (OO9)
Barry & Shelley Thomas
Overlord 2 (OO)
Leamington MRS
UK - SR Southampton Docks - 1944
Catwater & Southern RR (G)
Giles Barnabe
Pagham Harbour (OO9)
Richard Glover
UK - South East Coast - 1920-30
Ceske Zleby (HO)
Jack Royle
Pallet Lane (OO)
Rob Owst
UK - No Set Location - 1977
Chaam (HO)
Phil Colton
Paradise Mining Co (1:25)
Chris Payne
Chard St James (OO)
Donyatt MRC
Parson's Lumber Co., Camp 93 (On30)
Richard Turner
USA - Pacific Northwest - 1920s
Chedway (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
UK - BR West of England - 1950-65
Peafore Yard (OO)
Rob Owst
UK - BR (WR) in the Bristol Area - 1977
Cheltenham South (OO)
Gloucester MRC
UK - GWR in Gloucestershire - 1930s
Peakdale (N)
Lincoln & District MRC
UK - Derbyshire Peak District - 1950s - 1960s
Cherry Orchard (O/O16.5)
Ron Bailes
UK - BR Essex - 1960s
Penbooney (N)
Harry Harper
UK - BR(WR) Cornwall - 1960s
Chewton Mendip (EM)
Tim Tincknell
Pendle Ground Tapioca Works (G)
Mike Brown
Chipbury (N)
Barnhill MRC
UK - '70s - '80s just west of the Tamar in Cornwall
Pendleton Pit (N)
Ron Pybus
UK - BR in Lancashire - Late 1960s to Mid 1970s
Chipplea (OO)
Crockerton MRC
Pengwynn Crossing (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR(WR) in Cornwall - 1967 or 1980s
Choates Lane (N)
Stuart Conlon & Tim Hitch
UK - HS1 East of London - Present Day
Penhallick (OO)

North Cornwall late 1950s to early 1960s
Cinderwood (OO)
St Johns RC
Penlan (EM)
Sandy Croall
UK - LNWR South Wales - 1900-14
Cinema Sidings (N)
Ken Jones
Penrhos (OO)
Dave Spencer
UK - BR (ex-GWR) Wales - 1950s
Clarendon (P4)
Leamington & Warwick MRS
UK - L&NWR West London - c1908
Pensbridge (OO)
George Woodcock
Clemens Wharf (OO)
Ken Ross
Peterstown (O)
Peter Fickweiler
Clinkerford (P4)
John Darch
Picture This (O16.5)
Brian Wilson
Clutton (P4)
Tim Venton
UK - BR (WR) - 1952
Pilton Hounslet (OO)
Elliott Punshon
Clydach Railway (OO9)
Richard Holder
UK - Preserved Tourist Railway in North Wales - 2005
Pixash Lane & Twig Street (OO)
Chris Hopper
UK - BR(WR) 1960s
Coaley Junction (OO)
Shirehampton MRC
Plankenstein (HOe)
Jack Royle
Coeur d'Alene (On30)
Garth Ponsonby & Geoff Bishop
USA - Idaho - 1930s
Plaxtol Road (O)
Tim Tincknell
UK - Colonel Stephens Light Railway - 1930s
Cogirep (HO)
Al Reynolds
France - Paris Suburbs - 1970s - 2000s
Plymcoombe (OO)
West Wilts MRC
Colditz HBf (N)
TEN Group
Polpendra (N)
Simon Addelsee
UK - BR (WR) in North Cornwall - 1958-62
Colditz Stadt (N)
Bill Roberts
Germany - DR Saxony - mid-1980s
Pont de Quutas (N)
Stuart Conlon
Franco-Swiss Present Day
Coleford (OO9)
John Wilkes
UK - Forest of Dean - 1960s
Port Washington Terminal (HO)
Avalon Railroaders
USA - Columbia River Area - 1950s
Coppell (OO)
Furness MRC
UK - BR North West England - late 1980s & early 1990s
Portchullin (P4)
Mark Tatlow
UK - West Coast of Scotland - 1974
Corrinford ()
Ken Ross
Portolegno (HO)
Tony Wood
Cotterell's Wharf ()
Bath MRC
Portskerra (EM)
Tim Tincknell
UK - Highland Railway - 1915
Cougar Rock (N)
Roger Rickman
Poynton Sneer (O)
Marc Smith
UK - BR(WR) in South Wales - 1980s
County Gate (OO9)
John de Frayssinet
UK - Lynton & Barnstaple - 1935
Priors End (OO)
John Smerdon
UK - BR(SR) South London - 1970s
Cranbourne Joint Railway (O)
Roy Wood
Prutz (HO)
Layouts Aah Us
Cross Street (N)
David Lund
UK - Manchester Suburbs - Present Day
Pulga Espanola (O16.5)
Burnham & District MRC
Croydon North Street (OO)
Darren Johnson
UK - London Outskirts - 1989-94
Purbeck (OO9)
John Thorne
UK - Dorset Clay Mine - 1950s
Crumley & Little Wickhill (OO9)
Hull MRS
UK - Lancashire/Cumbria Border - 1930s
Pynton Tramway Co (O9)
Christoper Payne
Rural tramway
Cushman Oregon (S)
Tim Bloxham
Python (OO)
Lee Thorp
A computer controlled layout using the Python Language
Cwmderi (OO)
Gwynne Chivers
Q Dump (O16.5)
Nigel Tansley
Belgium - Near the Front Line - 1917
Dagworth (OO)
Andi Dell
QUAI:87 (P87)
Brian Harrap
Northern Europe - Low Countries - Present Day
Darenth Junction (O)
Ivan Maxted
Railway in a Suitcase ()
Mike Baggs
Dead End (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
Rapsach (HOe)
Jack Royle
Deepcar (OO)
Nottingham MRS
UK - BR South Yorkshire Woodhead Route - 1970-81
Raven's Rock (O16.5)
Tony Hill
UK - Slate Quarry in Wales - 19th Century
Deer Creek (HOn30)
M & D Grassing
Rax Lane MPD (OO)
Ron Randall
Early 60's engine shed, steam to diesel transition
Deliverence Creek (N)
Red River (N)
Tony Comber
USA - Norfolk Southern Railroad - 2000-10
Dentdale (N)
Wayne Webb
UK - Settle & Carlisle Railway - 1950-69 and 2000
Rhatia (HOm)
Paul Steedman
Switzerland - RhB - 1990s to present day
Denver Road (HO)
Doug Richards
Rheingauz (Z)
Iris and David Guscott
Germany - Rhine Valley around Rudesheim and Bingen - 1990s
Depot des Camions (N)
Stuart Conlon
Switzerland - 2016
Rheinhof (HO)
Doug Banks
Switzerland - North East - Present Day
Der Gartelbahn (Oe)
Trevor Coburn
Rhineside (TT)
Dave Harris & John O'Dell
Germany - DB - 1990-2004
Devil's Bridge (OO9)
Eddie & Rachael Field
Wales - Vale of Rheidol narrow gauge - Present Day
Rhyd y Clafdy (OO)
Phil Greaves
Deviton ()
Keith Redding
Rhydwyn Fawr Steel (O)
Ian Blackburn
UK - Steelworks in South Wales - Present Day
Die Murgtalbahn (HO)
M J Gough
Germany - Black Forest - 1990s
Rimenough MPD (OO)
Simon Evans
Diesels in the Duchy (EM)
Damian Ross
UK - BR in Cornwall - 1988-94
Ring Road (N)
David Lund
UK - WCML - Present Day
Dinas Ddu (8mmNG)
Peter Booth
Ringwood East Junction (OO)
Elliott Punshon
Diseux (Z)
Dan Davis
Roarkes Landing (HO)
George Woolnough
Dobson Bridge (1)
Gauge 1 MRA
70ft circuit with live steam and electric haulage
Rock Springs (HO)
Martyn Read
Dock Green (O)
Chaz Harrison
UK - BR (ER) in North East London - 1959
Rockies Garden Centre (OO9)
Barry & Penarth MRC
Dodileat Manor (4mm)
Terry Jones
UK - County estate attraction - Present Day
Rocky Ridge (N)
John Parkinson
Dog Kennel Hill (OO)
John Howe
UK- South London Tramways - 1951
Rogers Pass (N)
Forest Modellers
Donner Pass (N)
Guy Peck
Roker Bridge (OO)
Mike Briggs
UK - BR Lancashire - 1970s
Dora Park (N)
Jonathan Wilkins
Rolvenden (P4)
Robin Gay
UK - Kent & East Sussex Railway - 1925
Double Loop Test Track (O)
West Wilts 0 Gauge Group
Double loop test track where you can run your stock
Rosebud Montana (N)
Brian Willcocks
USA - Great Northern Railroad - 1950s/60s
Dovey Valley Railway (OO9)
Dick Wyatt
UK - Independent Welsh Narrow Gauge Railway - 1960
Rossmore (OO)
Ken Ross
Dovington Camp (OO)
Paul Taylor
Roundhouse (HO)
Ian Lampkin
USA - Union Pacific / Southern Pacific - 1950s
Dowdam International (N)
Jonathan Wilkins
Rowington for Shrewley (OO)
Dick Hewins
UK - GWR in Warwickshire - 1922
Drefach Felindre (OO)
Pete Morris
Rowlands Castle (OO)
Peter Goss
UK - Portsmouth Direct Line - 1944
Dyna Hyfryd (N)
Les Nehrlich
UK - GWR Mid Wales - 1940s
Rowthorne (OO)
David Batstone
UK - BR(LMR) - Late 1950s-Early 1960s
Earl's Court (OO)
Terry Tew
UK - BR West London Line - Early 1960s
S&B Light Railway (OO9)
B Thomas
Easington Lane (EM)
Ian Manderson
Sacheens (HOm)
Richard and Judy Wallace
Swiss - Alpine mountain railway
East Dock (EM)
Allan Goode
Saffron Street (EM)
David Lane
East Hants Light Railway (OO)
Matt Wildsmith
UK - SR Narrow Gauge in Hampshire - 1935
Saint Aidans (N)
Graham Smith
East Ilsley (EM)
Margaret Evans
Salmon Pastures (OO)
SAD Burnett
UK - LMS/LNER near Sheffield - 1930s
East Lodge (EM)
Alan Dewey
Salz OBB (HO)
Michael Watts
Austria - OBB South West of Salzburg - Early 2000s
East Lynn & Nunstanton (S)
Trevor Nunn
UK - Great Eastern Railway - Late 19th Century
San Andreas Beach (O)
Garth Ponsonby
East Quay, Chapel Pill (OO9)
Angus Watkins
Sandsfoot Bay (N)
Ian Stoate
Network South East on the South Coast
East Street Wharf (EM)
Margaret Evans
Sans Souci (N)
Harry Harper
Switzerland - Central Alps - Present Day
Eastbridge MPD (OO)
East Grinstead MRC
Santa Barbara (N)
Ian Lampkin
USA - California - mid-1990s to present day
Edington Junction (OO)
Shepton MRC
UK - BR (ex-S&DJR) Somerset - 1950s-60s
Santo Antonio (HOm)
John Cannons
Egypt Brewery (EM)
Paul Cope
Saxlingham (EM)
Dave Tailby
Eight Dollar Canyon (HO)
Carshalton & Sutton MRC
USA - Somewhere in the West - 1960s-70s
Schleching (HO)
Dorset Reichsbahngruppe
Eitomo (OO9)
Howard Coulson
Schloss Wolfental (N)
Michael Watts
Germany - Bavaria - 1921
Ellis Road (7mm)
Rob Cottrell
UK - BR Southern Region - 1960s
Schull (OO12)
Alan Gee
Ireland - West Cork - 1935
Elm Park (EM)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR(SR) South London - 1970s
Schwachhausen (O)
Peter Smith
Germany - Bremen - 1962
Embankment Road (N)
Jo Alder
UK - First Great Western Depot - 21st Century
Schwarzsee (HO)
Martin Axford
Switzerland - Alps - Present Day
Embranchement Particulier (HO)
Graham Weller
Scrubbs Lane Yard (OO9)
John Thorne
End of the Line (O/Ong)
Giles Favell
UK - Industrial West Midlands - 1961
SE28 (OO)
Basingstoke MRS
1960s South London 3rd rail viaduct lines
Engine Wood (OO)
Tim Maddocks
UK - BR(WR) ex-S&DJR in N Somerset - 1959-64
Seabury Town (O)
Mike Renwick
UK - ex-LMS preservation society - present day
Enigma Quay (O9)
Richard Williams
UK - Military Railway in England - 20th Century
Seahouses (O)
Kevin Cartwright
Ensbury Park (N)
Abingdon MRC
Seaview (N)
Dave Lear
UK - BR - Present Day
Esme River Railroad (On30/O16.5)
Paul & Den Davis
USA - New England - Present Day
Seend (OO)
Steve Jones
Based on the village station on Devizes branch
Exchange Sidings (EM)
The Model Railway Club
UK - Welsh Borders
Selah Fruit Row (HO)
Andy Gautrey
Exdale Light Railway (O16.5)
Newbury MRC
UK - Central England - Varies
Selattyn Road (O16.5)
Adrian Messent
Exeview (OO)
David Winter
Selsdon Park (OO)
Steve Jones
Fairdale (HO)
Tim Shaw
USA - Union Pacific / Missouri-Western Pacific - 1950-80
Severn Upp ()
West Wilts MRC
Fallgate (OO9)
Stephen Little & Matthew Barrett
UK - Ashover Light Railway - 1930s
Shapwick Moor (O16.5)
Paul & Den Davis
Fallgate - Ashover Light Railway (OO9)
Brian Love
Shaston Lea ()
Blackmore Vale MRC
Falworth (OO)
George Woodcock
Sheep Pasture (P4)
Robin Whittle
UK - BR in Derbyshire - 1962
Faringdon (P4)
Rex Davidson, Stephen Williams & John Sherratt
UK - BR in the Vale of the White Horse - 1950s
Shenstone Road (O)
Alan Wilson & Ian Cantrell
Fellows Peak (HO)
Roger Rickman
Shirebeck-in-Emswell (EM)
Marlow & Maidenhead MRC
Felsenburg BLS (N)
Leaway MRC
Shirehampton (N)
Phillip Tudor
Ferring (P4)
Michael Ball
UK - LBSCR in Sussex - 1911
Shunting Puzzle (OO)
Bill Sheppy & Jim Robinson
UK - South of England - c1960
Filswey (N)
Phil Dawling
Sidmouth (P4)
Richard Harper
UK - BR in East Devon - 1959-60
Finkenberg Bahn (HOe)
Derek Drake
Continental narrow gauge
Silbeeke (Z)
Brian & Ann Silby
Belgium - SNCB East of Belgium - 1990s
Fisher Bridge (N)
Swindon MRC
Simmington (P4)
Westinghouse MRC
Fleischmann Layout (HO)
Model Masters
Simply Narrow Gauge (On30)
Keith Willows
Worldwide - Freelance - 20th Century
Fletchcott Depot (OO)
Paul Fletcher
Skimbleshanks Mill (On14)
Alison Gilmour
Fleur SNCF (HOm)
Michael Watts
Smallcombe (OO)
Ted Olney
UK - LMS Western/Central Division - 1930s
Fort Myers (HO)
Ian Lampkin
Smrzovka (TT)
Ian Lampkin
Czech Republic - CD - 2005/06
Foss Landing (HOn3/HOn30)
Midge & Dave Grassing
USA - California - 1950s
Snowdor (OO)
Bentley MRG
Franbourne (O)
Brian Thomas
Solden (HOe)
John Morgan
Austria - OeBB Tirol - 1980s - Present Day
Frelais (O)
Paul Stanford
France - SNCF (NW) - 1990s to present
Somerford (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR(WR) in the West of England - 1970-90
Frogpool (O)
Andover MRC
UK - Small GWR Terminus
Souk el Khemis (OO9)
Andrew Walters
Fryupdale (EM)
Nigel Hawkins
UK - LNER in North Yorkshire - 1923-48
Southampton Freighliner Terminal (OO)
Jason Hannant
Furtwangen Ost (N)
Les Richardson
Germany - Black Forest Area - Present Day
Spitzwiesertal (N)
David O'Rourke
Galatia, KS (HO)
Dan Spalding
USA - Freelance Shortline - 2008-10
Springfield Spa GWR (N)
Michael Watts
UK - GWR in Devon - 1934-42
Gamle Carlsberg (Oe)
Tony & Kate Bennett
Denmark - Copenhagen - Early 1930s
St George's Quay (O)
Alan Gray
UK - LNER in Northumbria - 1930s
Garfield (HO)
G & J Lowen
St Jean sur Mer (G)
Peter Smith & John Smith
France - Picardie - 1950s
Gator Mountain (HO)
Pontypridd MRC
St Mary's (O16.5)
Julian Evison
George Street (OO)
Dave Lear
St Merryn (P4)
South London Group S4 Society
UK - Ex-LSWR in North Cornwall - 1954
Georgemas Junction (OO)
George Woodcock
UK - North of Scotland - 1997-2004
St Nicholas (OO)
Philip Reid
UK - BR Derbyshire - 1970s
Ghylldale (OO9)
John Varley
UK – Narrow gauge in Yorkshire - Late 1930s
St Ruth (2mm)
2mm Scale Association Midlands Group
UK - BR (WR) in Penzance - 1965
Gilbert Junction (HO)
Chris Hopper
USA - Pacific North West - 1950s
St Stefan (N)
Harry Harper
Givry-Vignoux (N)
Gordon Wiseman
Stanton Lees (OO)
Derek Gillkerson
Gladstone Road (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR North West England - 1980s
Stapleforth Mainline (N)
Mike & Lizzie Hughes
Glenbranter (OO9)
Peter Bowyer
Stapleforth St Stephen's (N)
Mike & Lizzie Hughes
Glenuig (EM)
Gary Hinson
UK - BR in Scotland - 1980s
Stapley (O)
Bristol Boys
UK - BR Somerset/Devon Border - 1950s
Goafer Creek (On30 16.5mm)
Brian Bale
USA - Colorado copper mine tramway 1930s
Stodden Hundred Light Railway (O)
Andrew Jones
UK - Light Railway in Bedfordshire - 1930s
Godinez, Iowa (HO)
Frank Warren
USA - Iowa - 1950s
Stodmarsh (O)
Kevin & Judy Cartwright
UK - SR in South East Kent - 1939-45
Gottingen Sud (O/Oe)
Trevor Coburn
Stone (EM)
Ken Gibbons
Goutierres (HO)
Keith Harcourt & Mark Jury
France - The Auvergne - 2001-07
Stoney Hill West (HO)
Chris Round
Canada - Canadian Pacific in Southern Ontario - 1990s
Gox Hill Quarries (EM/OO9)
Peter Leadley
UK - BR Oxfordshire - 1950s
Stoney Lane Depot (N)
Grahame Hedges
UK - BR South London - 1980-2000
Grangetown (EM)
Trevor Hale
Stromallee (TT)
Richard Self
Germany - Saxony - 21st Century
Great Bardfield (18.83)
D Hawkins
Stromstad (HO)
Patrick Grace
Green Grove (OO)
Tony Buffin
Studley Road (OO)
Richard Webb
Greenfields (N)
Dave Lear
UK - South of England - Present Day
Stump City (HOn3)
Midge & Dave Grassing
Gresley Beat (OO)
Cliff Parsons
UK - LNER/BR in North London - 1920-39
Sutton Wharf (O 1:25)
Christopher Payne
Grey's Steelworks (OO)
Jeff Sanders
Swaynton (EM)

The Bournemouth Direct line operating to 1960 timetable
Griswald (N)
Doug Banks
Switzerland - Small Alpine Town - present day
Sweethome Alabama (HO)
Jon Grant
USA - CSX & Nortfolk Southern in Alabama - 1990s
Grovedale (N)
Dave Lear
UK - BR - Present Day
Sydney Gardens (OO)
The Park Keepers
UK - BR in Bath - 1940-65
Grunfurter Strasse (HO)

Main, suburban, and freight weaving through 1980s Germany
Talybont (EM)
Tim Tincknell
UK - GWR ex Cambrian branch line
GWR Helston (3mm)
Keith Gowen
Tan-y-Bwlch (OO9)
Angus Watkins
Gwynton South (OO)
Anthony Aslett
Tannenbaum (HOe)
Bentley MRG
Hadley Road (O)
Paul Jones
Tennessee Extraction Railroad Co (On30/O16.5)
Paul Davis
USA - Blue Ridge Mountains - 1940-50
Hamilton (N)
High Wycombe & District MRS
USA - BNSF in Ohio - Present Day
Thames Wharf Yard (O)
Paul Hodges
UK - BR East London - 1950s - 1960s
Hamport (7mm)
Denis Tillman
The Broadway (2mm)
Alan Lawrence
Hanging Hill Diesel Depot (OO)
Clive Mortimore
The Kidmore Gumstump (N)
David Mitchell
UK - BR(SR) - 1970s
Happisburgh Goods (O)
The Model Railway Club
UK - BR Norfolk - 1950s - mid-1960s
The Throat (O)
Ian Stoate
Harchester (OO)
Clevedon & Portishead Armchair Modellers
The Works Yard (EM)
John Bruce
UK - Private Railway - 1962
Harlyn Road (O)
Bob Middleton et al
UK - North Cornwall - 1924-25 and 1960
Thomas (N)
Bentley MRG
Thomas and friends.
Harton Gill (P4)
Carshalton MRC
Thorne Yard (OO)
Dave Carnelly
UK - BR Wagon Works in the Midlands - 1980s
Hartshill Bank (N)
Fred Johnson
UK - BR Midlands - 1990s
Three Rivers Wharf (HO)
Mike Bolton
USA - Great Lakes Area - 1940-60
Harwood Junction (N)
Phil Venvil
UK - LMS/GWR Midlands Goods - 1920s - 1960s
Titchfield (OO)
Terry Allen
Haston Nomad (HO)
Chris Gilbert
USA - Wisconsin & Southern - Present Day
Toad Creek (HOn3)
John Spratley
USA - South East - 1945
Haul Y Bryn (OO9)
Eddie Field
UK - Welsh Narrow Gauge - 1924
Tolcarn Engine Shed (7mm)
Terry Yeend
Havnegade (HO)
David Beighton
Denmark - Northern Jutland - Late 1960s or Early 1990s
Tor Farm (Avalon Line Models) (ONG)
Howard Martin
Hayesden (O16.5)
Tony Mortlock
UK - Kent - 1938
Torcy (HO)
John Smith
France - SNCF in Normandy - 2006
Hayling Island (OO)
Richard Pretious
Tormouth (N)
Northants & Cambs N Gauge Society Area Group
UK - South West England - 1960-79
Hedges Hill Cutting (N)
Bentley MRG
UK - South London - 1990-95
Totnes (N)
John Birkett-Smith
UK - GWR in Devon - 1920-40
Hellenbach (N)
Paul Fergusson
Towcester (OO)
George Woodcock
UK - BR in Northamptonshire - 1977
Hellingly Hospital Railway (OO)
Phil Parker
UK - East Sussex - 1902
Trains in the Mountains (N)
Nailsea & District MRC
Hemlock (OO)
Shepton & District MRS
Treneglos (OO)
Stafford RC
UK - BR(SR) North Cornwall - 1961-64
Hemmenhofen (HO)
Nailsea MRS
Tucking Mill (2mm)
Jerry Clifford
UK - North Somerset Light Railway in the Cam Valley - 1920s
Hennock (3mm)
Steve Fackrell
UK - BR South Devon - 1955-63
Twin Falls Logging & Mining Railroad (On30)
Mick & Dan Lawrence
USA - Logging Railroad - early 1900s
Highbridge Road (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - BR(WR) West of England - 1990
Ulvik (HO)
Martin Axford
Norway - East Coast - Present Day
Highburn Junction (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
Unserstadt (N)
Brian & Ann Silby
Switzerland - Swiss Federal Railways - 1990s
Highbury Colliery (2mm)
Jerry Clifford
UK - GWR North Somerset - 1920s
Untermutten (HOm)
Dave Howsam
Switzerland - RhatischeBahn - 1989
Higher Trelavour (O)
David Aldridge
Upper Hill (OO)
North Gwent RM
Hinton Parva (OO)
High Wycombe MRS
Upper Studley (OO)
John Roxburgh
UK - Bristol to Birmingham mainline in 1961
Hoath Hill Halt (3mm)
Peter Bossom
UK - BR(SR) - 1967-68
Urlingford (3mm)
Gerry Nicklen
Hobbiton End (5mm scale)
Simon Addelsee
Middle Earth - Hobbit Railway - Post Lord of the Rings
Vale of Oxbury (N)
Carl Woodwards
UK - BR(WR) - 1960s
Hobbs Warren (O)
Terry Cooke & Bernard Watson
UK - BR (ER) Locomotive Shed - 1940s - 1970s
Victoria Quay (OO)
D Mee
Hohtenn (HO)
Roger Ellis
Vine Street Yard (O)
Marshall Vine
Holcombe (O)
Phil Dawling
UK - GWR branch terminus 1920's, early BR
Virginstow ()
Don Dickson
Hollies End (O16.5)
Brian Stubbles
Vopak Terminal Barry Docks (OO)
Paul Rolley
UK - South Wales - Present Day
Hollybank Depot (OO)
J Dedman
Wadebridge (2mm)
John Greenwood
UK - SR in North Cornwall - 1935-47
Holm (OO)
Chris Thomas
UK GWR Devon 1930s & 1940s
Waitawhyle (N)
Graham Smith
UK - BR Settle & Carlisle - 1950s/60s
Hook Basin (1:25)
Richard D. Williams
UK - Morton & Hook Tramway, N Oxon - 1930
Walcot Yard (N)
Ian Stoate
Hookwood (EM)
Jim Bryant
UK - BR (Southern) 1960s
Walmington Pier Tramway (HO)
Dave Carson
Hope Beringar (N)
Bristol East MRC
UK - BR in Rural England - 1960s
Wansbeck Road (2mm)
Mick Simpson
UK - North East - 1950s
Hornby Dublo (OO)
Bentley MRG
Wantage Town (O)
John Bruce
Horse Cove (N)
Syston MRS
Warren Lane (OO)
Alan Bevan
UK - Freightliner in East Anglia - 2005-07
Horse Creek (HO)
Peter Everett
USA - Wyoming USA 1957
Warrington Parkway (OO)
West Wilts MRC
Horseley Fields (N)
NGS Northants/Cambs
UK - West Midlands - 1995-2005
Wartime (OO)
Bentley MRG
UK - Southern Railway - 1939-45
Horselunges (P4)
Mendip MRG
UK - SR East Sussex - 1940s
Wass Water (N)
Harry Harper
Horsley Bank (P4)
Stephen Howe
UK - ex-L&Y in the West Riding of Yorkshire - pre-1939
Watchet Moor (N)
Graham Smith
Horsted Keynes (N)
Alan Brewster
Waterly Cross (EM)
Ray & Cida Earl
Horton (OO)
Beckenham MRC
Webb's Wharf (O)
Michael Watts
UK - GWR in South Devon - 1920-30
Hospital Gates (O)
Neil Ripley
UK - Light Railway in Lancashire - 1944-45
Weisswasser (N)
Harry Harper
Switzerland - Alps - Present Day
Hounslow Sidings (OO)
Ray Norwood
UK - South West London - 1960s
Weitaanwijk (HOe)
Tony Bennett
Hythe (OOn12)
Graham Lindley
Well Creek Basin (O)
Barry Mursell
UK - Wisbech & Upwell Tramway - 1950s
Idaho Springs (ON30)
Geoff Bishop
USA - Colorado & Southern Railway - 1930s
Wells Green TMD (OO)
James Makin
Ingleton Sidings (OO)
Paul Allen
UK - BR(WR) - 1950s & 1960s
Welton Down (2mm)
Bill Rankin
UK - BR Kent/Sussex - 1995
Invergeachy (O)
Jim McGeachy
UK - Scotland - Early to Mid 2000s
Wenfordbridge Goods Depot (2mm)
John Greenwood
UK - SR in Cornwall - 1945-48
Isle Ornsay (OO9)
Tom Dauben
UK - Scotland – 1913
Wessex Road (N)
Carl Smith
Jager Strassenbahn (HO)
Andrew Hunt
Continental city centre tramway
West Harptree (3mm)
Mike Corp
UK - GWR North Somerset - 1930s
Jager Strassenbahn II (HO)
Andrew Hunt
EU - Freelance Continental Tramway - Present Day
West London Parcels (OO)
J Baggaley
Johannesdorf Nord (HO/HOe)
John Hayward
West Pennard (OO)
Shepton MRS
Joysway (OO)
Dave Lear
UK - Tram System - 1940-60
Western Road Diesel Depot (P4)
Mike Anson
UK - BR (WR) - 1976
Jubilee Sidings (EM)
Dave Tailby
Westleigh (OO)
Richard Webb
UK - BR North West England - Early 1990s
Jynnontonix (HO)
Alan Crombie
Weydon Road (O)
Farnham & District MRC
UK - GWR in Southern England - 1930s-1940s
Kaponig (N)
Steve Simmonds
Wheal Elizabeth (P4)
UK - BR Cornwall - 1958-88
Kayreuth (N)
Ian Hogben
Germany - DB Nordrhein-Westfalen - late 1990s to early 2000s
Whitburn Corporation Tramways (OO)
Andrew and David Burchell
UK - North East of England - 1930s
Kelbrooke (O)
Colin Heard
Whitchurch Canonicorum (OO)
P Taylor
Kendorf (Z)
Ken Jones
Whiteoak Light Railway (O16.5)
Martin Coombs
UK - South East England - 1960s
Kensal Green MPD (OO)
Steve & Chris Knight
Whitewater (N)
Doug Banks
UK - Modern image
Kentside (EM)
Karl Crowther
UK - BR Cumbria - 1960s
Wibdenshaw (EM)
Kier Hardy
UK - BR(M) in West Yorkshire - c1976
Kew Bridge (OO)
Gerald Warner
UK - London Tramways - 1901-35
Wickwar (N)
Farnham MRC
UK - BR(M) - 1955
Khan (OO9)
Julian Evison
Namibia - (then German South West Africa) - 1908
Willesden Junction (OO9)
Pete Wilson
Belgium - Flanders - 1917
Kings Park (N)
Andy Armitage
Williton (OO)
Burnham & District MRC
Kingsbury Terminal (O)
Marshall Vine
Willowbrook Marsh (O)
N Adams
UK - East Anglia - 1962
Kingsfield (OO)
Barnhill MRC
UK - BR South Wales - 1952-68
Winbury (O)
Railway Enthusiasts Club
Kingston Regis (OO9)
John & Jane Jacobs
Windmill Heights (OO9)
Barry & Shelly Thomas
Kingsway Subway (OO)
John Howe
Windrush (OO finescale)
Gloucester MRC
Kinlet Wharf (N)
Wyre Forest MRC
UK - West Coast Main Line - 1995-Present Day
Windsor (HO)
Peter Everitt
Kinmundy (EM)
Martin Wales
UK - BR North East Scotland - April 1968
Wintringham Haven (EM)
Hull MRS
UK - BR (ER) - 1982-84
Kirkby Stephen (O)
Geoff Bridge
Witney Euston (N)
Mark Cox
UK - Midland Railway - 1910
Klapping (HO)
Mike Roualle
Austria - OBB and Preservation Society - Present Day
Wood Street (O)
Swindon MRC
UK - GWR Wiltshire - 1940s
Klein Bergdorf (Z)
Peter & Seb Clucas
Germany - South of the Country - 1960s
Woodlea (N)
Crockerton MRC
UK - Somewhere in England - present day
Klein Planning (HO)
Norman Lamb
Woolton Junction (N)
Ian Sheppard
Kleinburgbahn (HO/HOe)
Chris White
Wuttensee (HOe)
Paul Fergusson
Knotts Landing (HO)
Reg Owens
Wyevern Wharf (O)
Burnham MRC
UK – GWR Somerset - 1930-48
Knownaim City Yard (Z)
Graham Jones
USA - Small switching yard
Yard Shunter (OO)
Ray Norwood
UK - BR(SR) in South West England - 1950-60
Konigshafen (N)
Nick Falconer
Yarnham (N)
Giles Mockford
UK - West Sussex - 1980s
Kunze Brucke (HO)
Chris Peters
Yeocombe (OO)
Shepton MRS
Kuppla Yard (HO)
Dave Barclay
USA - Eastern Seaboard - Present Day
Yeoton Wharf (3mm)
Nick Salzman
UK - L&SWR/B&ER in North Devon - 1877-92
Kyle of Lochinsh (OO)
Simon Newitt
Ynysarwed Sidings (2mm)
S Harris
Kyle of Wickso (OO)
Ian Ber
Ynysybwl (EM)
Cardiff Group
UK - Taff Vale Railway in South Wales - 1922
Laira Bridge (O)
Ray Ashdown
UK - LSWR/GWR Plymouth - Early 1920s
Zevendaal (HO)
Tom Nicholls
Netherlands- Industrial Coast - 1990s
Lake City, Union Square Station (N)
Ruud Bergsvoort
Ziller Valley (HOe)
Geoff Harper
Lakey Hill (EM)
Ray & Cida Earl
Zob P87 (HO)
Brian Harrap
Layout with no Name (On30)
H Faulkener-Aston
Zweiburg (N)
Brian & Ann Silby

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Secondhand 00 items
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Keith's Model Railways
New and secondhand items sold, secondhand models bought
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Kenwater Rail-Ways
4Track Models
4Ground Trackside and Waterways kits for model rail
Kernow Model Rail Centre
Models in all popular scales, also exclusive limited editions
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Model lights and accessories, architectural modelling materials
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Extensive range of lighting, unique scenery items, special effects & electrical accessories
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Specialist spares for Hornby, Bachmann, ViTrains, and Lima
ALL Components
Electronics components, OnTrack Controls, Tortoise motors
Mac's Model Railroading
A leading outlet for American model trains and accessories
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Specialising in Model Rail and Bus models and transport related items old and new.
Mad About Trains
Layouts designed and built. Repairs and repaints, including weathering.
Amberly Services
Tools, files, vices, plus nuts, bolts, washers, screws, springs, etc.
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Aspire Gifts & Models
New and second hand model railways, scenic items and DCC
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Awesome layout control systems for model railways.
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Cutting edge technology and sound engineering principles for the advancement of our hobby
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The 'N' Gauge Society
N Gauge Model Display
Friends of the National Railway Museum
The Model Railway People
Model people and animals in O, OO and N gauge
G M Models
The Paint Shop
Specialist supplier of Humbrol paints
G Scale Society
The Pullman Society
Gas Cupboard Models
Model Railways, Bachmann Retailer of the Year 2014
The Railwayman
Gauge O Guild
The Titfield Thunderbolt
Specialist railway and transport bookshop
Gauge One Model Railway Association
The Trainman
Geoff Gamble Books
Railway book specialist
The Turntable
German Railway Society
For enthusiasts and modellers of German railways
The Weatherman
Subtle weathering techniques which can be used in any scale
Glen Eades Model Railways
Ticket To Ride (FHP Audio Visual)
European railway DVDs for railway enthusiasts and railfans
Golden Age Models
Quality model railways and other models
Tim Hitch
Various digital and analogue N scale models will be on show. Also conversions and re-liveried models.
Golden Arrow
Model railway kits to suit all skill levels, hand built limited editions
Tim Williams
Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI), the popular model railway control program
Military kits and accessories, model railway wagon kits
Tom Rayer
Great Central (Model) Railways
Wide range O and OO 2 and 3-rail used items.
Tony Pollastrone
Great Western Society, Didcot
Didcot Railway Centre is the home of the Great Western Railway
Tools 2000
Great Western Study Group
Totally Trains
Green Scene
Totem Signs
Railway totem signs made while you wait
GSM Models
Trainlines of Derby
H & A Models
Supplier of Parkside Dundas, Mailcoach, Cooper Craft & Ian Kirk
A demonstration of the Trainz railway simulator.
Hafixs Industrial Products
The one glue that glues everything
Truetexture Ltd
Range of photo-realistic A4 texture materials for railway modeller in OO/HO scale
Hedgerow Scenics
Bespoke Scale Model copse and hedgerows for Wargames, Diaromas and Model Railways
TTC Diecast
Hobby Holidays
Specialist materials and tools. Also a range of workshops from beginner to expert.
Turner's Trains
Iberian Railways Society
Unit Models
Family run business producing model railway accessories since January 2005
Inter-City Models
ModelTorque replacement motors for Lima
Urie S15 Locomotive Preservation Society
International Models
Usborne Books
Fred's Usborne Books. Wonderful books for tinies to tweens!
Iris Guscott
Raynaud's & Scleroderma Charity Book Stand
One of the country's largest railway DVD retailers
Italian Railway Society
Walker's Model Railways
J R Models
WC&P Railway Group
Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway Group sales stand.
Jacky Mogford
Tree making demonstration
Wealistic Models
Weathered locos and wagons, also bespoke weathering service.
Jackys Trees
Demonstration of tree making using copper wire.
Wessex Wagons
Authentic and bespoke Limited Edition model railway rolling stock.
JB's Model World
Aluminium and plastic stock cases, storage boxes, and foam trays
West Wales Wagon Works
Limited-edition model railway wagons in both 00 and N scales
Jo Thompson
Demonstration of the Trainz railway simulator
Western Models (Studley)
Specialist in new and second hand N and HO American models
Joe Lock Model Railways
Weston's Models
Hand made modern image model buildings in N and OO
John Dopson
Westons Railways
Leading brands plus die-cast models, scenery and accessories
Just in Case
Quality storage and display cases for collections of all sorts
Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal
K & M Models
Layouts, dioramas, scenic structures, etc. built to order
European model railway specialists
Keen Systems
Wooden Railway Workshop
Bespoke items in N, OO and O
Keith Wheeler
ZTC Controls
Digital Command Control (DCC) products manufactured in the UK

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